Letter: Dedicated Mom will be dedicated state senator

Dedicated mom will be dedicated state senator

To the editor:

Chris Canning is my mother. She has sacrificed a lot to make sure my brother and I were raised properly. No politician is perfect, but my mom is most of the time. Sometimes my mom can be my friend, and other times she is a parent. She makes decisions that are in my best interests, and if you elect her, she will do the same for you. This is why I think you should vote for Chris Canning for state Senate.

She has done work as a single mom that most mom's wouldn't do because she had to support our country and our family. My mom has taught us to count our blessings, and tells us that alone makes you rich. She has a great sense of humor. Yes, my mom is a "Pitbull with lipstick," but it is because she stands for reform.

My mom has proven her voice against school districts that infringe on teacher, student, and taxpayer rights. She is a name you know that has fought for the health, welfare, and safety of people. She even changed a procurement law by working with state Senator Ben Downing.

My mom is your best chance at a voice for better school budgets, tax equity, and economic growth. I have watched her be a voice for many different people, including those who weren't able to speak up. Few people will ever fight for you directly, but she has gone that extra mile for many people who couldn't fight a system.

She is running for office because she has had enough of the corruption, nepotism and back door deals that stopped people from getting ahead. I want a future here, but have seen that many of us cannot come back because there is nothing to return to.

My mom, Chris Canning, is a blast of fresh air with her blunt honesty. She is the epitome of commitment, honesty and integrity. She has demonstrated it with actions — and not contrived words from "advisors" selling you a candidate. Trust me, my mom is as real as it gets. She speaks to accountability.

Your vote is your voice. We need her in office to make a real difference because she is a proven leader with her experience, education, and ability to stand up for what is wrong and have deep and rich discussions while correcting problems.

If you have a family, and you would like to think its younger members can come back here, there is only one choice. Please vote for my mom, Chris Canning, for state Senate. Go Mom! I support you and I know you can do this for all of us!

Katherine Wilson, Lanesborough The writer is a 10th grader at Mount Greylock Regional High School. Chris Canning is a Republican candidate for state Senate representing the Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden districts.


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