Letter: Dedicated to education and to community

Dedicated to education and to community

To the editor:

We are happy to lend our voices to the list of supporters encouraging people to get out and vote for state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier in the primary election Thursday.

The Marilyn Hamilton Sports and Literacy Program is a vital summer support program for children on the west side of Pittsfield that engages youth in a fun, safe, structured, experience that maintains and enhances their literary skills while giving them an outlet for their boundless energy, exposing them to all kinds of wonderful community opportunities. As directors of this important community resource, we have worked closely with Tricia for many years as a valued education mentor for our program. She is truly dedicated to promoting literacy.

Tricia didn't just show up for photo opportunities and award ceremonies. She frequently showed up to listen to our children read, noting and celebrating our children's progress, and made connections with families and the entire West Side community. Her presence had a real impact on our children's lives.

She also linked us to other community resources to support our program's success in so many ways. We have a beautiful relationship with Superintendent Jake McCandless thanks to Tricia's facilitation. She finds ways to make win-win situations at every level of community and government to benefit all the citizens in her community.

Through state Rep. Farley-Bouvier, we are truly all being represented. This is why it is so important to return her to this office. Please vote on Thursday.

Manfred Slaughter, Vannessa Slaughter, Pittsfield


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