Letter: Defy GOP attack machine by putting Hillary in White House

Defy GOP attack machine, put Hillary in White House

To the editor:

For 11 hours, at the 11th hearing (or whatever unbelievable number), over and over again, they grilled her to link her to some grave wrongdoing. It was all the result of the Republican political machine trying desperately to undermine Hillary Clinton, as it has done for the last 25 years.

They failed. She stood taller than ever. She was a role model not just for women, but everyone. She was impressive, cool and composed under fire, commanding the facts, outlasting the accusers. Just like you want a president to be.

She won me over at that moment. And if you feel you cannot trust Hillary, then you are simply letting the Republican far-right attack machine win. And I trust her in so many other ways to lead our nation from day one, ready as no other candidate in recent memory.

She has fought for a strong progressive agenda all her life. I trust that she will be the real change candidate. Why? Certainly Sen. Sanders is a very good candidate with a progressive program too, and I respect him a great deal; but what counts is not the poetry of a campaign, but the experience and contacts to get the job done.

Both candidates have progressive agendas. We can differ on who is the most progressive, but what we need to do is win in November. The stakes are huge.

In the '60s, I campaigned hard for the Sanders-like candidate at that time, George McGovern, supporting larger government programs and an end to the Vietnam War. He won the nomination with incredible energy and enthusiasm, but was destroyed in the general election, winning only Massachusetts and DC. We wound up with Nixon.

Why did he lose so badly? Because our country's heritage is based on rejecting the tyranny of government, shaking off colonial domination, and deifying self-reliance and individual liberties. It is an article of faith among Americans that reliance on government should only be a last resort. Then our forefathers built a balance of power government to effectively prevent anything but incremental change. With our heritage of self-reliance, it is hard to see how a self-proclaimed socialist Democrat can win in conservative swing states like Ohio in a general election.

Please support Hillary to avoid a right-wing Republican in the White House, joining the right-wing Congress and assuring a right-wing Supreme Court. We must learn from history, lest we are doomed to repeat it.

Hillary is a seasoned, experienced warrior, a leader under pressure, who has spent her life fighting for you and me, for women's rights, human rights, workers' rights and a living wage, a clean environment, gun control, and senior citizens. She fights for us and she can win in November. Now let's fight for her, for us.

Sherwood Guernsey, Williamstown The writer is a former state representative.


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