Letter: Deliver us from endless commercials


To the Editor of THE EAGLE:

Have you been watching television lately? Am I the only one aware of commercials taking over every single program? It’s getting to the point where the editorial portion of the program is just a matter of filling in space between the commercials. What all this accomplishes, of course, is to reduce the human soul to a mere consumer of stuff.

The most insane advertising is being paid for by the drug companies. For example, do you have an enlarged prostate? If so, our drug will bring needed relief. Side effects include -- heart attacks, strokes, all types of cancers and intense suffering which leads to certain death. Talk to your doctor about shrinking that little bugger of yours.

Is it possible that people actually go to their physicians and ask for prescriptions for these harmless medicines? They sure must. The commercials keep running. That means they must be working.

Please God, if there is an afterlife or spirit world, let it be free of all advertising. I pray to you, Lord, that you provide a resting place devoid of uncultivated, tasteless creeps constantly hawking products at me that I don’t need or want. That’s all I ask. Thanks in advance, God.



Great Barrington


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