Letter: Delivery people key to transition


Having subscribed to The Transcript for roughly 44 years, and more recently also to The Berkshire Eagle, we have had a good chance to appreciate the hard work and loyal service of your delivery people. Especially living on Route 43, a road with many huge trucks roaring by at relatively high speeds and lots of other traffic, it is very important to have the paper put inside the newspaper box, not thrown at the end of a driveway, on highway's edge.

Your current delivery woman has been totally reliable, in all kinds of weather. We've told carriers that if they have to miss a day due to something unavoidable, just bring the paper the next day. Better late than never. Seldom has this been needed, but if so, it has been done.

Hope your newly merged management can keep as many delivery people employed as possible. They have worked very hard and deserve to keep their jobs.

Also, the 5 a. m. delivery time of the Eagle may be unrealistic for Transcript carriers who are used to having a few more hours to get the job done, especially in the cold dark of winter with needed snowplowing.

We look forward to the promise of truly local North County news being printed. Thanks for years of good coverage and great photos! Bill Tague took the Transcript photo of our Williamstown's first baby of the new year 42 years ago last week. Gillian Jones carries on in fine tradition. Thanks to all of you! SUSAN AND BILL SCHNESKI

South Williamstown


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