Letter: Dictatorial Trump will divide nation

Dictatorial Trump will divide nation

To the editor:

I am dumbfounded. What is it about Donald Trump that makes men want to pat him on the back and make women feel enamored with him? Is it his notoriety? Maybe. Could it be his money? Possibly. Or could it be that he says things that a lot of American's feel? Let's hope not!

Does America really want a president who will not only build walls between nations, but between neighborhoods and houses? Do we really want a self-centered, self-important bully to run our nation and represent us when needing peace in this world is so very apparent? Not to mention needing peace in our own country and neighborhoods? Do the American people really think this man, who starts yelling and turns red when someone disagrees with him, will bring calm and peace to our lives?

Yes, our economy needs help; yes, we need our companies to come back to America; yes, we need to feel safe when we leave our homes; and yes, we most definitely need to stop racism, especially in our own country. Trump is NOT the answer! — and neither is Cruz. Our other candidates: Rubio, Sanders, Kasich, Carson, and, yes, even Clinton want these things as well.

I am not writing this to promote a particular candidate, but to stop a dictator from starting another civil war within our own country. God bless America – we need it!

Rosanne Leigh, Stormville, N.Y.


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