Letter: Disaster waiting to happen at BMC


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I support the views of Dr. Stephen Tracy in his letter of August 4. ("BMC’s quality, prestige, are at stake.") The loss of the surgical residency program in addition to the loss of the lone neurosurgeon in our area is a disaster waiting to happen for all of us. Dr. Tracy has covered all aspects of this situation in a concise and realistic way and I agree with everything 100 percent.

I speak with the credentials of an emergency department nurse who worked in the unit during the decade of the ‘80s. I had the privilege of working with both Dr. Tracys [Robert and Stephen] and many other surgical residents at that time. In those years the emergency department became a trauma center. Some may remember the signs that indicated that at various locations in the Berkshires.

Now, as I have aged and may, indeed , need the very services we once provided, I find that I fear for my own health. We are all at serious risk for trauma, cerebral accidents or other serious health emergencies that would call for a team of surgeons ready at a moment’s notice. It has been proven that early treatment for stroke can result in far less damage to the brain just as with heart attacks. We need a neurosurgeon and MORE than one.

Due to this situation I am inclined to move out of this area. Even 2016 seems too risky to wait.



The writer is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing.


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