Letter: Do better by three North Adams museums

Do better by excellent North Adams museums

To the editor:

I was thinking of a post on the North Adams Museum of History and Science's Facebook page about the possible closing of the museum as well as the Hoosac Tunnel Museum and the Mt. Greylock Museum, all of which are housed in the struggling Heritage Park.

The city is trying to privatize the park which would force the closing of the three museums and it seems they would be permanently closed as there is no other possible location for them.

I think space could certainly be found at MoCA but some feel that doing so would not help the downtown and I understand that. However, I did post the following and hope you will give it consideration as well.

Instead of closing these museums they should be celebrated, moved to a location where they can grow and become a more known part of the tourist attraction. They should be advertised as part of the reason people come to visit the northern Berkshires.

South County draws so many in for the history it shows off but we here in north county have our own identity, our own history that is different from theirs but no less interesting! Sturbridge has capitalized on Old Sturbridge Village to improve the economy of the area. Is it wise to throw out any options for financial improvement in ours?

Old Sturbridge Village is huge now but it started very small years ago and was built, building by building so don't tell me these three museums are too small to count! and didn't I read about a big addition to the offerings of the railroad museum not too long ago?

Grow these museums and let the locals and the visitors enjoy what only North Adams and Northern Berkshire have to offer at a time when North Adams' finances are so strapped that we need every possible draw to the city.

These museums are already established. As a city we should be helping them to grow and become better known, not throwing away such a good opportunity to add to the tourist draw and the money they spend in local restaurants, bars, hotels and so on.

"Build it and they will come!"

Bonnie Spencer, North Adams


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