Letter: Do your own research on presidential candidates

Do your own research on presidential candidates

To the editor:

I'm writing to urge people to focus more on the reality and factual points of presidential candidates and their true agendas rather than listening to biased media sources who take things out of context and use outright lies to discredit candidates who don't conform to their personal political agenda.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has on his list of campaign goals, tax relief for the middle class, simplifying the tax code to make it easier for Americans to file their taxes, discouraging corporate inversions to keep jobs here in America and much more you can see for yourself on his website.

How he's going to accomplish his goals is another story but he's certainly not in it for the money, power or fame. When a candidate starts talking about reducing the deficit by cutting taxes and getting rid of wasteful government spending it's no wonder the special interest collectivist comes out In full force to discredit him.

He's also promising to get rid of the income tax which was a tax pushed thorough during the movement for Prohibition because the government and Prohibitionists knew they needed another source of income for funding when the alcohol tax was gone. Like Prohibition, it should have ended a long time ago.

I'm not going to tell anyone who to vote for but I will encourage you to keep an open mind and do your own research before casting your vote because when there's talk about preserving the liberty and freedom of the individual it deserves research with our own eyes and minds.

Scott Moore, Pittsfield


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