Letter: Donald and Vladimir, a combustible mix

Donald and Vladimir, a combustible mix

To the editor:

Donald in the White House and Vladimir in the Kremlin sat at their desks. The nuclear button rested nearby. The conversation started very congenially. Donald was very pleased with his hairdresser's work that morning. And Vladimir had just "taken care of" a reporter who had written particularly nasty things about him.

But then the talk turned to personalities. Why they were both so successful? Each said it was because he was so aggressive. Who was more aggressive? The argument turned heated.

Putin gave as an example, his invasion of Ukraine. Donald bragged about how many people he had crushed in his pursuit of wealth. And said "you couldn't count that high."

Both were red-faced by now. And went into the "I'll show you!" mode. Then one reached to press the red button!

Which one made the move? Most of us will probably never know. We'll be dead.

Don Mesick, Williamstown


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