Letter: Don’t participate in animal cruelty


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It’s circus time once again in Dalton, and large animals will be there in spite of the fact that the Lions Club International discourages their use as a fund-raising method. It’s not possible to train a large animal like an elephant or tiger to do "tricks" without using pain and intimidation. They "perform" so they won’t get beaten or otherwise painfully abused. Videos of this happening and spoken testimony by animal "trainers" are legion by now, yet the only thing that happens is that the circuses get fined. Circuses have long since counted those fines into their operating budget.

Some towns have enough concerned citizens who have gotten ordinances through banning large animals from circuses within the borders of the town. That often takes time to do, and resolve not to give up on the part of the doers.

That hasn’t happened in our neck of the woods yet. In the meantime, please don’t take part in the cruelty those rented creatures must endure. Don’t teach your kids that it’s all right as long as they’re amused by it. If you want to donate to the community works of groups like the Lions Club, please do so in a way where you can make sure none of your donation goes to support the circus.




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