Letter: Don’t punish smokers economically


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A word about cigarettes. It’s criminal to get someone addicted to a substance then legally raise the prices insidiously until they are unreachable. This is supposed to help one quit, and some do. The rest of us who have tried everything end up suffering constantly.

I have no money yet I smoke and want to. Why? It keeps depression at bay. It feels good to smoke yet there is no money for hobbies, and of course, bills.

Give us the option of smoking affordably. We don’t need punishment, this theory of making it inaccessible. Someone is making a lot of money on us.

When I began smoking I was a student at UMass. I was naive and wanted to be a cool writer. Cigarettes were $1 a pack back then. Through mental health classes it was and is clear that I have an addiction to cigarettes. I don’t drink or do any drugs. I don’t play the numbers. Aside from my goal to become a writer, my goal is to be able to afford cigarettes.

How to help? Don’t charge exorbitant amounts to smokers. It isn’t fair.




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