Letter: Don't allow charters to further hurt traditional schools

Don't allow charters to further hurt schools

To the editor:

Tuesday, Nov. 8, could be the day education in the state of Massachusetts is irrevocably changed. The cap on the number of charter schools in Massachusetts needs to be maintained.

A "no" vote on ballot Question 2 ensures that the city of Pittsfield will have control over public education money. Charter schools require the use of state and local money to fund, but school committees have no oversight of charters, regardless of their impact on local public schools.

If Question 2 is passed, 12 new charter schools could open each year with no limit on how much money the district could lose. Public schools already lose more than $400 million a year to charter schools.

Charter schools create a two-track system that is described by the NAACP as "separate and unequal." Additionally, charter schools typically underserve English language learners and special needs students. This leaves the public schools with fewer resources to educate a higher-need population.

I have two children in the Pittsfield Public Schools, and I cannot imagine them facing the challenges Pittsfield will have if Question 2 is passed. Vote "no" on Question 2 Nov. 8 because it is in the best interest of all children.

Chris Blau, Pittsfield


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