Letter: Don't allow cynicism to pave way for Trump

Don't allow cynicism to pave way for Trump

To the editor:

I hear it frequently while in the company of friends: "I don't like either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump." Some people express disappointment in Bernie Sanders not winning the Democratic nomination. I continue to be shocked when the following solutions are presented: "I may not vote," or "I may vote for Stein or Weld."

If you are concerned about Donald Trump becoming president, either of the above decisions may be throwing a vote his way. Hillary Clinton, whether you like her or not, is capable of doing the job and worthy of your vote.

We are the employers. On Nov. 8, we are hiring the most important person for the most important job in the United States. Step up, put aside your cynicism and vote for Hillary Clinton, the only qualified candidate for the position of president.

Jeanne Bresnehan, Pittsfield


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