Letter: Don't allow dogs to eat on street


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A letter writer June 9 noted that the June 1 op-ed column "Loverboy dog" did not seriously address canine overpopulation. I must add the column also took the stance that dogs roving unleashed on the streets and eating from garbage cans is amusing.

I fear the column writer has seen "Lady and the Tramp" one time too many. There is nothing remotely cute about unleashed dogs wandering about, as this situation can lead to disastrous consequences causing harm, even death, to animals or humans. Gastrointestinal distress can certainly occur when dogs eat randomly from multiple sources including garbage.

The column's author noted Loverboy spent many hours at the vet. Why is this surprising when she has allowed her dog free reign to snack on the street? Sadly, the column reflected no concern for the welfare of this dog or other animals and people. Our animals deserve thoughtful care in every sense of the word.




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