Letter: Don't allow Miraval to wall off Cranwell

Don't allow Miraval to wall off Cranwell

To the editor:

We are very concerned about the Miraval plan to exclude the community from the many treasures that are available at the Cranwell Resort.

We enjoy the ability to join the wonderful spa, play golf, walk through the grounds to view the historic buildings, one of which is registered, and partake of the fabulous restaurants. The thought of a wall/gates built to specifically keep out the community is distressing and unacceptable.

The town of Lenox and all of Berkshire County thrive on the fact that today, Cranwell is an integral part of our community. As the Lenox Zoning Board deliberates on whether to grant a special permit to Miraval, we believe that it is clear that this permission should not be granted.

The Lenox zoning bylaws of 2015, item #9.4.2, indicate factors for determination of special permits shall include "community needs served by the proposal." How does the exclusivity of Miraval ever serve the needs of the community? It does the opposite.

Many residents of Berkshire County, especially Lenox, who presently take advantage of the many amenities stand to lose the availability of this community treasure. The voices of Berkshire County must be heard. Miraval CEO Steven Rudnitsky, do not build that wall!

Janet and David Rothstein, Lenox


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