Letter: Don't allow the haters to change our values

Don't allow the haters to change our values

To the editor:

This past Thanksgiving showed very clearly what makes this country great. It is the people, who recognizing the need of the less fortunate, stepped up and gave freely to allow everyone to have a Thanksgiving dinner. I'll bet for many it wasn't easy to give a little extra, but it was done anyway.

I did not hear anyone question the religious affiliation, color, or nationality of those who were the recipients of the meals. This is America, and this city was a small example of what we do when our brothers and sisters need a helping hand. That is the strength of this country.

This is America, the country that has always been a beacon of hope for so many. Will we allow a couple of power-hungry egomaniacs, the likes of Trump and Carson, change the world's perception of what America is all about?

I remember another time in the last century when a little man hungry for power tried to take over the world. Can anyone remember Adolf Hitler? His rhetoric was very much like that of Trump's and Carson's and the German people believed him and followed. Let us remember what that led to.

We should also remember that all of us are descendants of refugees, no matter how long ago, who came here fleeing from something in another country and came to America looking for a better life.

That's why the Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor, showing the world that this is a special place, that it cannot and will not allow anyone to change it.

Edith Mingalone, Pittsfield


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