Letter: Don't buy propaganda on wild animal abuse

Don't buy propaganda on wild animal abuse

To the editor:

We need Pittsfield residents who believe in America's freedom of choice for family entertainment to speak up and oppose both HSUS and Born Free USA attempts to push a circus animal ban through in your city. Their activist propaganda and lies concerning the care and treatment of elephants and other exotic animals that are owned by caring, loving people like you, is being considered by your City Council.

Exotic animals owners love their performing, exotic animals and care for them 24/7, with excellent medical care, diet and exercise. USDA would not allow these exotic animals to be permitted and utilized in a circus if they were abused and mistreated. Besides, your own state's Fish & Game Division would not allow them to operate or perform, as well!

Wake up before it's too late or your freedom of choice will be lost forever and your family will be deprived of seeing these magnificent, exotic animals in circuses that come to town. Urge your City Council members to oppose this ban.

Robert W. Johnson, Winter Park, Fla. The writer is president & CEO, Outdoor Amusement Business Association.


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