Letter: Don't cut funding for most vulnerable city residents

Don't cut funding for most vulnerable residents

To the editor:

As a 30-year resident, taxpayer, and registered voter in the city of Pittsfield, I was shocked and outraged to read in The Eagle that the mayor has proposed cutting over $100,000 from the human services budget. For a city the size of Pittsfield to put a mere $15,000 toward human services (the block grant funds come from the federal government) is not only outrageous, but self-defeating.

While it is important to fund the police department in order to address the problem of crime, we have to address the overall condition of the entire community with special emphasis on its most vulnerable residents, if we really want to have an impact.

It is urgent that the City Council work with the mayor to rectify this egregious error. It is their responsibility to do so because for many residents, it is a matter of life and death.

Dr. Susan Birns, Pittsfield The writer is a resident of Ward 3.


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