Letter: Don't exploit animals for entertainment purposes

Don't exploit animals for entertainment

To the editor:

I am writing as a citizen concerned for the welfare of animals, especially the exotic ones used in circuses.

I am not going to ask readers to look at gruesome pictures of what happens to these animals when training and I am not going to give you the details of what happens on the road or before and after shows. Instead I am going to ask you to remember back to when went you may have gone to circuses as children or brought your children to them and recall the magic you saw from acrobats and clowns and the motorcycle that made a complete circle in a cage without the driver getting hurt. It was exciting.

Then there were the beautiful animals, but I always wondered how did they know how to do that stuff? Those mysteries soon faded into harsh realities that would make me realize that a circus isn't a place for exotic animals. They deserve to be free on a reservation or sanctuary.

These animals show love and understanding just like we do. They don't deserve to be locked away or chained up to be brought into an arena for everyone to see.

We as people would never want to be taken away from our loved ones and families. What would life be like without our free will? Thankfully we don't have to ever know that feeling but unfortunately they do. Most will never see their families or their natural habitats again because animals don't get free will. They rely on people to be their voice, to champion their needs, especially when they are taken from the lives they knew.

We all love the arts and one of the most beautiful forms of expression is Cirque du Soleil. That is just one but there are many circuses now that don't use animals.

I am hopeful the Pittsfield City Council will support the ban on exotic animals for entertainment purposes. I know that it is something I will support as well as many others. It is the right thing to do.

With so much violence going on in our society as a whole that we feel defenseless against, why not support something that shows animal lives matter.

Tammy Ives, Pittsfield


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