Letter: Doping destroys integrity of game


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Alex Rodriguez and other professional athletes who use performance enhancement drugs have brought to light the sickening reality of doping that exists within professional sports. Despite the best efforts made by major league officials to outlaw their use, players have found a way to beat the drug testing system. TV viewers who watched "60 Minutes" this past Sunday night were shown how they manage to do it.

This "whatever it takes to get an edge" way of thinking has brought shame upon professional sports. For the sake of those professional players who play drug free, league officials must punish those found guilty of doping. A key component of that punishment must be the banning of their records. Dopers don't deserve credit for athletic accomplishments gained through deceptive means. Their sports records have no place in the Hall of Fame.

Stripping dopers of their treasured accolades will send a clear message to aspiring professional athletes. Contract offers will be awarded to those who wholeheartedly embrace the values of sportsmanship and integrity. These are the values of true champions.




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