Letter: Downtown sidewalks hurt business


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Last Saturday we decided to venture out to visit R. J. Stohr Diamonds and Fine Jewelry. Due to no available parking near our destination we were required to park further down North Street just north of Palace Park. I was rather disappointed to see the horrendous state of the sidewalks just in the short distance we had to walk.

There were very few places where store owners had shoveled out an access to the road. In the past the city would remove all the snow banks along the curbs for better access. What happened to this practice? Parts of the sidewalks were covered under huge puddles that you could not walk around and there were many areas of ice with no sand or anything thrown on it.

We hear and read so much of the efforts of the downtown revitalization but we fail to provide decent upkeep of the sidewalks?




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