Letter: Driving bill gives newcomers a chance


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Bravo to The Eagle for supporting the Safe Driving Bill (Editorial, March 10.) Every point made regarding making the roads safer, raising state revenue and benefiting hardworking immigrants is on target.

Why is Massachusetts lagging behind other states such as Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, Nevada, Maryland and Vermont THAT have already passed versions of this bill? There is little logic in not moving forward with this bill. These licenses will only give undocumented immigrants the legal right to drive in the state, it requires them to pass the usual drivers exam and to obtain insurance. They are, however, distinct from regular driver’s licenses and cannot be used for other benefits such a voters registration. They will simply provide the means by which people can get to work, take their children to school and basically live their lives.

This bill is not "amnesty" or anything like it. What it will do is give hard-working newcomers to our community a chance to continue to contribute safely. Wouldn’t we all support that?



The writer is chairperson of the Berkshire Immigrant Center Advisory Board.


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