Letter: Drudge reports nonsense on dangerous hurricane

Drudge reports nonsense on dangerous hurricane

To the editor:

It was nice of Matt Drudge to go public with his thoughts on Hurricane Matthew. Based on his extensive experience as a meteorologist, he has concluded that the Obama administration excessively hyped the hurricane's threat to advance the cause of addressing global warming and to promote energy conservation.

Apparently, Drudge believes the government controls The Weather Channel and has a secret branch that fabricates NEXRAD images and satellite photos — probably the same branch that faked the images of the moon landing in 1969. Of course, he is the same guy who continues to search for aliens around Roswell, New Mexico, and still believes JFK was assassinated by the CIA, so his opinions are a little suspect.

I wish I had known Drudge is so interested in hurricanes. I would have invited him to our home for a close-up look at a big one and a simple, candlelight breakfast.

Richard C. Henneberry, Melbourne, Fla., Canaan, N.Y.


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