Letter: Dubious promises of pipeline plan


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I appreciate The Eagle's continuing coverage of the Tenn-
essee Gas Pipeline expansion and its impact on the Berkshire environment and our communities. However, Sunday's article, "Pittsfield wants pipeline route altered away from watershed in Washington," leaves a misleading impression that the pipeline project would lower or "stablize" electric rates for residents in Berkshire County and increase the supply of natural gas here. That may be what Kinder Morgan would like our elected officials to believe, but it is not what, when pressed for details, they say.

I attended the May 8 meeting about the pipeline in Sandisfield where the Kinder Morgan representative made it very clear that they are a transporter, do not own the gas going through any of their pipelines, and sell to whatever customers there are. The representative said that there is no way to know for sure where the gas will go and thus nothing to prevent export. If export occurs on a large scale, it will likely cause an increase in prices, as the price of natural gas is already much higher in Europe and China than it is here.

With our state's leadership in green energy and renewables, there are better ways to secure our energy future than the dubious promises of an expanded natural gas pipeline.




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