Letter: Duck analogies apply to duck-tailed candidate

Duck analogies apply to duck-tailed candidate

To the editor:

I sit at the picture window. The vision's clear, even though it's a foggy, rainy Sunday. Do the folks on the lawn at Tanglewood have their umbrellas, one wonders. But this I can confirm, in case you've wondered.

Truthfully, I had never thought about the veracity of the following idioms, just assumed they were so. At the lake now: 1."Get all your ducks in a row." Unbelievable, six or seven ducks sitting in a row on the dock in the pouring rain. 2. "Like water off a duck's back." They are all dripping wet. 3. And here is the important one for the present, fateful cause."If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck." Hits the nail on the proverbial head.

Trump is a duck — a quack. It's staggering to suppose that this country would elect him president: finger on the nuclear button, demeaning remarks undermining the social fabric of our country and the foundation of the international order that we live and prosper by. But I still rest gruntled, in any case.

Here's why: Did you know that women are better decision makers? Please find the New York Times article dated Oct. 17, 2014 online. There's Hillary for you, folks. The article is must reading. Men and women both weigh costs vs gains and then take action. But add a stressful factor to the situation under consideration, and the process goes awry.

Stressed women, under the specific circumstance, go for the guaranteed win, sooner. Stressed men do the opposite. Depending on a specific series of experiments, men are willing to take more risks then women, but the gents lose more times in the process.

I counsel men contemplating marriage almost weekly. The sooner they realize that their intended is the proper boss, the sooner harmony will reign. Hand the reins over. All this is cognitive neuroscience. Read the article and look to Hillary and Tim Kaine. Get your ducks in a row. Read what the "glass cliff" is all about.

Paul Soroken, Lanesborough


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