Letter: Educate youth on the Holocaust


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Education is the passing on of knowledge. In the June 30 Eagle, I read a letter to the editor that Myla Jill Blum of Lenox wrote about keeping people aware of the Holocaust that occurred in Europe during World War II.

I guess it’s not surprising that some local college professors don’t want to be "bothered" with knowing or teaching about the Holocaust. My letter about my dad and two uncles who were Holocaust survivors was recently in The Eagle. Is not the Holocaust worthy of being part of the education in colleges and high schools? It is an extremely important period in recent history.

Darrell English’s efforts to maintain his Holocaust Museum are extraordinary. He should be lauded for his efforts. Daryl called me after my letter to the editor ran.

I value the experience of having had a wonderful dad and mom. My mom was American, born in Hartford, but she and my dad had the same religion and the same values. She supported my dad speaking out as well.




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