Letter: Elect Mary Hurley to governor watchdog group

Elect Mary Hurley to governor watchdog group

To the editor:

In regards to the recent Eagle article about Gov. Baker having the opportunity to appoint the majority on the Supreme Judicial Court, no matter one's political party, these are huge appointments that affect every person in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Governor's Council is a committee that reviews and votes on these appointments. While some might advocate this group's elimination, it is what exists and we need to elect qualified and capable people to the Governor's Council to act as a balance to any poor judicial nominees offered by the governor, making sure our future judges are qualified.

In Western Massachusetts, with an open seat for our representative on the Council, we are lucky to have a candidate who is very qualified and capable. Mary Hurley is a graduate of Elms College and got her law degree at Western New England University. A lifelong resident of Western Massachusetts, Mary is a former District Court judge, a practicing attorney, and is a former mayor of Springfield.

Let's make sure we elect an excellent candidate to represent us on the Governor's Council in November. Mary Hurley will represent us well.

Joseph Engwer, Pittsfield


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