Letter: Election aside, Americans must work toward solutions

Election aside, Americans must work for solution

To the editor:

It is time to wake up to reality in this country. No matter who the president was, is or will be, "our" jobs are not coming back. The day of high-paying blue collar jobs, where one could expect to work for 40 years and retire with a company pension are long gone and not coming back.

With automation, world trade and center-right economic policies the outlook could get much worse. Attacking the government, demonizing Wall Street or miracle promises from a wealthy man-child will not bring positive change.

There are things that might help. Better oversight of Wall Street, increased personal taxes for the wealthy, lower corporate taxes, lower costs for higher education and targeted tax breaks for true job creators, (especially in economically challenged communities) are a few ideas with promise.

Regardless of the course of actions, things overall and for most of us, are actually pretty good. Our economy has taken a strong positive turn. We still live in a great country and opportunities are available for the hard working and creative among us.

My biggest concern is the collective misery that many seem to share. Maybe we expect too much. Perhaps we should be more grateful for what we have, look around at all the wonder and become part of the solution. So many people are.

Scott Haskell, Lenox


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