Letter: Elections are a chance to vote out GOB-SIGs

Elections are a chance to vote out GOB-SIGs

To the editor:

Taxpayers of the city of Pittsfield, we can definitely make Pittsfield a better city for all who love here. The first thing we can do is rid ourselves for state representatives and senators who refuse to do the bidding of taxpayers.

Topping the list is state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, a stalwart of the Pittsfield Good Old Boy, Special Interest Group (GOB-SIG) network who led the charge to build the new and unneeded Taconic High School. Taxpayers were never given an opportunity to vote on this project even though a poll indicated taxpayers were against it by a 4-1 margin.

The other individual who needs to go in November is City Councilor Chris Connell, who is as taxpayer unfriendly as any councilor can be. We have to insure that he is not elected as a state representative in November and we must get rid of him again in November of 2017 as a city councilor, along with the majority of the individuals sitting on this council.

I ask that all registered voters in Pittsfield take this election seriously, as well as all other future elections, in the city of Pittsfield. When you go into the voting booth, think carefully as to which politicians have listened to you the taxpayer. Those that haven't can be outed with the stroke of your pen on election days. Let's elect people to public office who have the taxpayers' interest at heart. That means the majority of the individuals on the City Council must be replaced, as well as Rep. Farley-Bouvier.

Let's come out in full force and elect individuals who will work for the taxpayer and not against them. Let's break up these broken houses we call the City Council and School Committee. Follow me on my TV show that airs four times on Fridays on Channel 16. Let's rebuild Pittsfield as a city who is concerned for all its residents and not just for the GOB-SIGS.

Craig Gaetani, Pittsfield


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