Letter: Electoral College disenfranchises voters

Electoral College disenfranchises voters

To the editor:

Ruth Bass's recent column on voter turnout made me think about the Electoral College. Why is there still the Electoral College in this day of rapid information exchange and availability? In my opinion, the Electoral College should be abolished and each person's vote should count for itself.

It should be the politicians and the country's responsibility to educate its citizens about political matters and let the information exchange speak for itself in terms of voting. Each vote needs to count for itself because this is an equal country.

As every person takes up equal space in this country, state lines shouldn't matter. Each state probably needs its own government to make life easier for the national government, but vis-a-vis presidential voting each vote should count for itself since each person ideally counts equally in this country. A vote is a vote is a vote.

I personally don't like to turn up for elections because I know my vote will possibly be outweighed or forgotten, depending on where I live. Let each vote count equally in elections just as each person should count equally in this country.

Jennifer Gorson Pittsfield


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