Letter: Elm Court plan is right for Lenox


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I have proudly lived in Lenox on Old Stockbridge Road for over 23 years and owned a business in Lenox for 37 years. My wife, Joy, and I strongly support this new resort at Elm Court on Old Stockbridge Road in Lenox and Stockbridge.

We have many large wonderful venues in Lenox like the Cranwell Resort & Health Spa, Eastover Resort, Canyon Ranch Health Spa, Kripalu Yoga Center, Shakespeare & Company, and Tanglewood; none of which negatively affect our life here. They make our life better. Supporting this clean, quality business is the right thing to do for the whole town of Lenox! The project will create many jobs, hire local services and bring in skilled people who will buy homes, raise their family here and support our economy. This business will attract people from all over the world, who will spend money in our town.

I find it sad that a few neighbors are fighting the wrong battle. Why not support this project and ask for a sidewalk? I requested a sidewalk on Old Stockbridge Road over 20 years ago. I was told, "We would have one in two years" and we still do not.

There isn’t a town in the U.S. that wouldn’t be excited to have a business like this come to their area. I hope the Lenox Selectmen make a decision for the benefit of our whole town; not for a select few.




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