Letter: Energy that benefits environment


The Feb. 8 op-ed column "Embrace carbon, embrace life" by Matt Kinnaman shows that some people still ignore climate change. Devastating storms and more frequent severe weather events are ignored. Oil from tar sands and natural gas from fracking are celebrated, while oil spills, polluted water, train derailment, and deadly fires are not mentioned.

While some people, hopefully a very small minority, want to damage the environment first by extracting fossil fuels, and again by burning these fuels, others are building and living in homes which minimize or eliminate the need for carbon based fuels. Buildings that obtain all of their energy on site use efficient lighting and appliances, and have very well insulated and sealed outer walls and ceilings. People in Massachusetts are already living in homes which average zero energy delivered to the property.

Properly designed and sited renewable energy can help us have a positive impact on the environment. At this time renewable energy provides a small portion of energy needs in the US. Against a well entrenched fossil fuel industry, the installation of renewable energy is growing. The residential energy credit (IRS 1040 form 5695) has helped make it possible for property owners to reduce their dependence on dirty fossil fuels.

The energy credit is scheduled to end during 2016. You are urged to contact your representatives and ask to have the energy credits extended.



The writer is owner of Alpine Solar.


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