Letter: Facing up to realities of Holocaust


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Eagle recently printed a letter saying the Holocaust ought to be covered in history classes: incidentally an opinion that I very much agree with. (Hence this letter). And don’t forget the Holocaust in Asia, where my dad spent most of the war. There was no Jap-
anese camp commandant making lampshades out of POW skin, but there was one who cooked and ate the livers of POWs.

But the history must be true to facts; not the version embellished by the Holocaust industry. Good God, the truth is bad enough.

Few know that day to day administration of the camps was done by imprisoned Jews who had the necessary accoun-
ting skills that the Nazis lacked. They did everything they could to help fellow prisoners. For example: When a quota of Jews for the gas chamber was demanded they selected ones who were not going to make it. The crematory was operated by Jews. (The Nazis didn’t want that job).

Much has been said about how gold teeth were extracted, with the image of ugly SS officers gleefully performing this task. No. The gold teeth were removed by Jews from corpses before they went into the oven. The gold was supposed to be given to the Nazis, but a lot was kept by the Jewish camp admin-
istration and used for bribes to obtain better treatment.

We see genocide going on around the world today. Jews were victims of Hitler’s Hol-
ocaust, but their experience should be identified less with their Jewish identity. Holo-
caust is the subject for study, and the fact that this genocide mostly targeted Jews is of secondary importance, except, perhaps, to Jews, Gypsies, communists, gays, and others on Hitler’s hate list.

The ongoing genocides would be more easily curbed if people realized that the Hol-
ocaust was but one example of genocide, and was not just a Jewish thing.




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