Letter: Factor in dangers police confront


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Aug. 24 editorial "Militarizing the police" was very newsworthy and the subject of recent discussion from the White House on down. The rather liberal access for law enforcement, in all localities no matter the size, to acquire low cost, used military equipment is without question open for debate.

Where the writer of this editorial steers this topic into disturbing and shocking context is in the following sentence: "Better the Pentagon had melted the weapons down and sold them as scrap metal then to supply cheap and dangerous toys to trigger-happy police departments." I have no argument with the writer’s suggestion of the melting down part: but the "toys to trigger happy police departments" is way beyond the pale, even for The Berkshire Eagle.

The writer and those who feel comfortable with referring to law enforcement as "trigger-happy" have not the slightest idea what it is like to wear a uniform every day knowing that your life could be taken in an instant. It is very easy to second-guess the actual and immediate interaction that the men and women in uniform who patrol our streets face every day and on every single encounter with the public.

To refer to the police as "trigger-happy" is obviously coming from a point of view (and a source) that doesn’t have to be concerned about being killed at a moment’s notice. Otherwise the editorial is topical.




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