Letter: Facts are still unknown on Adams superintendent departure

Facts still unknown on Adams supt. issue

To the editor:

Concerning the resignation of School Superintendent Kirsten Gorden, I believe that the voters and taxpayers in the Adams-Cheshire School District are victims of a cover-up.

All information seems to lead up to this conclusion. It started with an employee's filing of a complaint against the superintendent, which resulted in an investigation of her hiring practices that allegedly suggested nepotism and favoritism, and payments to one district school employee in particular. (Eagle, March 20). In two closed School Committee meetings a decision was made to modify her contract which was to last until 2020, and she was instructed to tender her resignation. Some sources say she was offered the option of resigning or staying while the district went on with its investigation.

The reason she gave for resigning was due to the extensive time involved in carrying out her position in which she was earning $123,235 per year,and that she had to take time off for personal reasons. However, this was subject to approval by School Committee Chairperson Paul Butler. Also, in pursuing other employment, the only source of reference would be the same School Committee chair and no other. The information disclosed would only relate to time served in the district, salary and benefits. When asked about the redaction of the School Committee notes, the district lawyer stated that this was done to protect the personnel files of one particular individual and if disclosed would prove to be a violation of personal privacy.

All these events appear to suggest a misuse of funds by the former superintendent, and unethical behavior, and a failure on the part of the school chair and committee members to be totally honest with the press and the townspeople.

Moreover, I find it egregious that this individual is allowed to further her career in education in other school districts through this cover-up. Anyone who is involved in academia has a responsibility to the students, parents, and taxpayers. This isn't happening in the Adams-Cheshire School District.

Will we ever know the results of the investigation? I don't think so. It is up to the townspeople to take action. You have the right to know how your tax money has been misused.

B. Halpin, Dalton


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