Letter: Failed government led to Trump's rise

Failed government led to Trump's rise

To the editor:

The liberal media have had to admit that they must do a better job of reporting accurately on Donald Trump's supporters. Liberal media describe them as a coalition of dispossessed voters who have lost their jobs, wages and dreams.

Nothing could be further from the truth! This description fits many liberal Democrats more than Republicans.

Most other Trump supporters I know are people who are fed up with the way so-called knowledgeable politicians on both sides are running the country. We have a hopeless foreign policy and are becoming the laughing-stock of the world. We refuse to sit down with Israel and yet go to Cuba, and we sign treaties with Iran which are immediately violated.

On economic policy, Obama appears to select people in his administration based on gender or race and hopes they will have some experience in the concerns of the departments they are running. Yet, the liberal media ask, "What does Trump know about running the country?

Make no mistake: Candidates like Trump and, yes, Bernie Sanders, are a direct result of the current administration's policies.

For the people questioning Trump' executive abilities, I ask: Who would you rather have running our country — a successful business executive or a community organizer [whatever that is] or a lifetime politician like Hillary?

Thomas D. Gilardi, Pittsfield


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