Letter: Family victimized by bio from hell


It certainly was refreshing to read Carole Owens' thoughts concerning "American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell" by author Deborah Solomon, and the endorsement by the Norman Rockwell Museum of the character assassination of this fine gentlemen and great illustrator and artist, within the book itself. ("Failing Rockwell, readers," op-ed, Feb. 22.)

Ms. Owens so aptly describes the serious difference between unsupported statements and libelous accusations of Norman Rockwell's character. While it may be true that Deborah Solomon's motives for her slanderous accusations most likely have to do with selling more books and the almighty dollar, there is absolutely no excuse for the endorsement of her book by the management of the Norman Rockwell Museum; it should be ashamed of itself.

And what about the Rockwell family, a very talented, artistic group within themselves, who have also, indirectly, been libelously targeted by this biography from hell? It would not surprise me if legal action was taken by the Rockwell family for this horrible character injustice.

I do hope that the family receives retribution for the horrible things being said about their wonderful father, the great American artist and illustrator, Norman Rockwell.


North Adams


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