Letter: Farley-Bouvier always rises to the challenge

Farley-Bouvier always rises to the challenge

To the editor:

I first met Tricia Farley-Bouvier when we were in high school volunteering for Special Olympics. She shared her spirit of service with me and asked me to join her as a volunteer tutor aid at school with the special needs students. We became fast friends.

High school ended and the college years happened. We took different paths but still ended up back in our hometown. We reconnected when our children were very young sharing play dates. When those children started school, she was back at volunteering again. We worked together on many events for Egremont Elementary School.

When an opportunity presented itself for a bigger challenge, Tricia ran for a City Council at large seat. It was easy to support her as she was a natural choice, and her huge victory as the top vote-getter both times she ran proved Pittsfield thought so too.

When another opportunity to become our representative in Boston came up, she again rose to the challenge and assembled a team. I was proud to again be a part of her team as I am now. Again, the people of Pittsfield spoke and again she was their first choice.

Tricia has always been involved as a positive light for our fine city. A lifelong resident and someone who has always contributed her time and her many talents to serve others, Tricia has a way of bringing people together for a greater good. She is approachable and she will take the time to listen to anyone's concerns. She has been our voice and our advocate in Boston since 2011. She works as a team member to bring about change that benefits us all.

It is because of that team spirit, that caring for the city that has always been a part of her entire life, that I ask you to join me on Sept. 8 and once again vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier so that she can continue to be that strong and positive voice for Pittsfield.

Karen A. Winslow, Pittsfield


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