Letter: Farley-Bouvier instrumental to St. Mary endeavor

Farley-Bouvier instrumental to St. Mary endeavor

To the editor:

Eight years ago my parish, St. Mary Morning Star, was scheduled to close. I had a sense of the fine example of Romanesque architecture that existed inside and outside of the church but it was only when I became the author and historian of the booklet, "St. Mary the Morning Star Parish, 1915–2008" that I realized the significance of its parishioners.

At the August, 1941 Silver Jubilee Celebration, 500 people marched from Park Square to the Tyler Street lawn party grounds. The celebration's purpose was to help fund the building of a new church for St. Mary's. Amongst the parishioners who were important contributors to this endeavor were several members of the Nesbit family. George Nesbit was an advisory board member and John Nesbit served as a lawn fete worker.

One of the advertisements in the jubilee booklet was Nesbit Bros, Inc., "Where You Get That Real Personal Service." It described the Nesbit grocery store that was located at 770 Tyler Street. I know many people who are reading this letter will fondly remember that store. In 1963, when I became a parishioner of St. Mary's, there was always a Nesbit serving in some capacity.

When the announcement in Sept., 2014 came that the Diocese of Springfield had a purchase agreement with Dunkin' Donuts through Cafua Management to purchase the St. Mary campus and Dunkin' Donuts planned to raze the church, 1,500 people protested via a Facebook page almost overnight. The Friends of St. Mary's ad hoc committee was formed to try to save and re-purpose the church.

Over the last two years. another member of the Nesbit Family, Tricia Farley-Bouvier, continued the Nesbit service to St. Mary's. In her quiet way, she supports and is informed about our preservation activity. She is always available to help and I personally feel secure knowing that if there is anything that can be done out of Boston she will be there to help. Through a state-funded transformative district initiative, Tyler Street is finally receiving the attention and funding it deserves.

Our efforts to save St. Mary's church building have not been achieved yet but I feel we are on the cusp of some exciting things for the campus. We need a representative who will not need a learning curve to help us achieve our goals.

Please vote to keep Tricia Farley-Bouvier as our state representative in the primary on Sept. 8 so she may continue her strong support for helping to re-purpose St. Mary Morning Star Church.

Dianne DiNicola, Pittsfield


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