Letter: Farley-Bouvier is a proven state representative

Farley-Bouvier is a proven state rep.

To the editor:

Michael Bloomberg is a bright young man who has done his research but lacks important skills and experience to be our state representative. For 12 years, Tricia Farley-Bouvier has demonstrated her ability to make things happen. She listens and learns from constituents in every neighborhood in Pittsfield to represent our city well. She earned the reputation for "being everywhere" because she is.

She has a unique ability to listen to both sides of an issue and to withhold judgment until a careful analysis is completed. She has the skills to negotiate a win-win solution. During her years in the House, she developed relationships on both sides of the aisle to facilitate important legislation. She used these skills to help to pass such important legislation as the Transgender Public Accommodation Bill and the Equal Pay Act.

She has the respect of the Speaker of the House because she can bring people to the table, along with the support of her colleagues in the Berkshire delegation, the Progressive Caucus and the Gateway City Caucus, all of whom think we are lucky to have her represent us. These connections take time to develop. We can't afford to start over and Michael's "just give them facts" response at the recent debate reflects his political naiveté in understanding the importance of those relationships.

Michael's suggestion that he would work with the other Gateway Cities is old news to Tricia, who has worked with the Gateway Cities Caucus to secure the funds for the Tyler Street development and for the three-year planning fellow to facilitate that process. His accusation that Tricia doesn't secure needed funding for education are unfounded. She has been a teacher, a member of the original building needs committee, a city councilor liaison to the Taconic High School project, which shows that she cares about education, and been the voice in Boston that helped secure that funding. She has been endorsed by the teachers union because she advocates for their issues, specifically increased pay for early educators. Obtaining funds for additional substance abuse treatment is another.

Michael has some good ideas for Pittsfield and he would be smart to find a way to contribute to the City's future. He is not ready to be our state representative. I am voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Thursday, Sept. 8 because she has proven she has the skills.

Marjorie Safran, Pittsfield


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