Letter: Find Kennedy Park dog compromise


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I agree with Elissa Bosworth that everyone without exception should abide by the leash laws ("Loose dog peril in Kennedy Park," letter, April 30.) I am a dog owner and frequently take advantage of the magnificent gift we share in having such an exceptionally beautiful piece of land like Kennedy Park available to all of us. People have a right to expect that their safety and privacy will be protected in places that have leash laws in effect.

But would it be possible that certain trails in Kennedy Park be made available so dogs could be off leash? These trails could be posted as such and dog owners would still be responsible for controlling their dogs even when they are off leash. Collars and leashes should be mandatory and even in those off leash areas "temperamental" dogs should be leashed if they are a problem to other dogs.

I, and my lab, have shared many wonderful times hiking through one of the most scenic and inspiring parks in Berkshire County! Our dogs need to be able to run free and play without always being tethered by a leash. I know I speak for hundreds of dog owners who would be devastated to look elsewhere for an area that could never replace the joy and great times we have experienced at Kennedy Park.

Leash laws should always be enforced so that what happened to those two horseback riders should never happen again. But maybe together we can come up with a compromise that will allow all of us to continue to take advantage of this great resource.




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