Letter: Flight website enriches skygazing

Flight website enriches skygazing

To the editor:

I love looking up at the sky. At night looking at, the stars, the planets, you can watch the space station fly over, satellites. shooting stars and the list goes on. In the daytime not so much to see except the white contrails of a jet flying overhead, most of the time north. I often wondered about their destination.

This winter, I noticed with a degree of regularity, three planes fly over at various times around the lunch hour, Searching the Internet, I found a web site, flightaware.com, that gives flight information and shows the current location of any flight over Berkshire County.

I finally had my answer to the destination of those white contrails. The flights originate from JFK or Newark and to my surprise they were heading for destinations like Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai and Qatar.

It is a small thing but it amazes me that I can look out my window and watch planes filled with people flying all over the world.

Wayne Lemanski, Lenox


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