Letter: Focus on community, not campaign ugliness

Focus on community, not campaign ugliness

To the editor:

I've been viewing politics on TV. It is summed up by my cat throwing up in the morning after breakfast. Yuck.

I've listened to teenagers talking about politics as well. One young woman said she'd vote for Hillary Clinton if she could, but her father is voting for Trump. The home dynamics amongst friends and family have definitely changed.

I'm not one to watch debates. I don't like the climate of them. No one seems sincere, and there are so many issues that don't get attention, like outlawing puppy mills, stricter laws for animal abuse and global warming to name a few.

Sometimes the media are to blame for some of the political hype. At the same time, we have to think about what is nearer and deeper to our hearts, our own communities where we live. Let's strengthen them. Let's show the world, that small genuine families in a community can pull together and make it happen.

Barbara Arpante, Pittsfield


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