Letter: For examples of greed, try George W. Bush, Rice

For examples of greed, try George W., Rice

To the editor:

Jim Massery's June 23 letter "Clinton's greed, apathy deserved coverage" claims foul play by The Eagle for treating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as if she has no flaws while attacking the character of other candidates. He berates Mrs, Clinton for charging a $200,000 fee for a speech given to Long Beach Boys and Girls Club in 2014. To emphasize Clinton's audacity and greed in demanding such an exorbitant fee he compared Condoleezza Rice's speech to the same group in which she only charged $60,000.

How ironic that Mr. Massery would pick this Republican for his comparison. Rice and her boss George W. Bush sent nearly 5,000 American men and women to their deaths in the most senseless war in the history of this country. And why do I bring up George W. Bush? I'm sure Mr. Massery is also aware of a speech "W" gave to the "Helping Heros Gala" in 2012 where he received $100,000 for his speaking fee. Such a speech is noteworthy as Helping Heros represents veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who lost limbs.

To underscore President Bush's audacity and greed I quote a double amputee and board member of Helping Heros, Eddie Wright, who stated, "A leader should not charge a fee to speak on behalf of the men he sent into combat."

Rice's and Bush's greed and apathy also deserve coverage.

T.J. Chiaretto, Pittsfield


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