Letter: For kids, reading is FUNdamental


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In his Feb. 20 op-ed column, "Stats, benchmarks aren’t education," Edward Udel wrote, "We have left the real important and far more promising approaches to groups like Pittsfield Promise. They are trying to improve parenting by emphasizing the critical importance of early childhood experiences and their impact on academic success. Pittsfield Promise supports programs that educate parents about the value of reading to and interacting with their young children. They acknowledge the critical teaching role of parents as teachers." Thanks Ed, for highlighting Pittsfield Promise’s effort. Please let me expand upon the points made by Ed.

As I interact with grandkids and neighbors I see the fun the youngsters have in grabbing the sports section of the daily paper to review scores, upcoming player trades and other data as they develop the ability to read. These are sometimes 5- or 6-year-olds! But, the documents with the info have to be in sight to allow these kids for that to happen. My thought is, keep reading material nearby and have the kids catch you looking at that material. It’s all well and good to get the updated news events from some late night, entertaining news show but we can help the children develop reading skills by letting them see us read as well as reading to them.

Baseball training season has started, Olympics events have been on TV and there are scores popping up. Can your kids have the fun of reading them? Thanks to Ed, The Eagle and Pittsfield Promise for keeping this important item before us.




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