Letter: For real change, Pittsfield must build on its strengths

For real change, Pittsfield must build on its strengths

To the editor:

When I decided to run for state representative in Pittsfield, I promised myself that I would never compromise my values to get elected. Those values have been tried and tested, yet when I knock on the doors of our city, and listen to all of you, my values grow stronger.

There are many in this community who have asked me to remain quiet on issues large and small. From the newly announced "super Walmart" in the heart of the city to the slashing of the school budget.

I cannot, and will not, stay silent on these issues.

This city was built by innovators with the help of hard-working, highly skilled people. Hard-working people like my grandfather, and like many of you, who lent their backs to the cause to create an excellent place to raise a family.

Now we need changes, but change is hard. It was Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, who famously said that "change has no constituency. People like the status quo. They like the way it was."

I believe that Jack was wrong. I believe that change does have a constituency. I believe that constituency is the PEOPLE of Pittsfield, and that the people of Pittsfield know that our future does not rest in the hands of a mega-Walmart.

Our future is in our beautiful outdoors, it's in our machine shops, our theaters, our labs, and our schools. Our future is in our local businesses and our local innovators who make this place home. Our future is a place where great people want to raise great families, regardless of their wealth, race, sexual preference, or gender.

I'm asking you to not wait until election day, Sept. 8, to have your voice heard. I'm asking you to make your voice heard now. Because this city doesn't need me, it needs you.

Our city needs you to write a letter to the editor telling our representatives about the future you want to see. Our city needs you to go downtown, to go to Tyler Street, to go to any one of our local businesses and say thank you, we're with you.

Our city needs help. And that help won't come from Boston or Washington, and it definitely won't come from a "super-Walmart." It has to come from right here in Pittsfield.

Because WE make this city.

Michael Bloomberg, Pittsfield The writer is a Democratic candidate for 3rd Berkshire District state representative.


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