Letter: Foreign poor should be priority


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Judging from what is happening in Pittsfield, the food pantry budget in Massachusetts is too big and should be consolidated to eliminate redundancy and waste and the money redirected to aid the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines who really need it. With food stamps and welfare and BCAC oil subsidies and Section 8 public housing, the so-called poor are not in as much hardship as others in the world.

Non-profits are profiting too much in Pittsfield. The local rich are profiting exponentially behind the curtain of the so-called nonprofits that replicate each other with aid from the state and federal government.

Between free meals at the churches and food pantries there is no shortage of aid for the hungry in Pittsfield. There are two major food pantries in Pittsfield, the Unitarian Church on South Street and the Christian Assembly Church on Linden Street, that should remain open. The rest of the government aid and the other church food pantries should be cut and the money sent to the hardest hit areas of the world in the name of international good will. A Berkshire County contingent of good Samaritans is called for to aid the people in the Philippines.




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