Letter: Fracking adds to toxic environment


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

If for no other reason than to stop and see exactly where we are headed, I think we need to put a halt to all fracking activities going on in this country for at least a year. We need to take a little break. We are not well. We cannot think straight anymore. We are in a panic. We are on a path of not just self-destruction, but extinction.

Fracking is just a bad, bad idea. Transporting its offspring is only enabling this insanity. Are cancer rates not already sky-high? Do you know anyone who doesn’t have cancer themselves or a relative or close friend with this disease? Is our clean water not already in short enough supply? Aren’t there enough cases of infertility and autism to finally convince us of the horrendous toxicity of our environment? What kind of wake-up call do we need? The silly thing is that if we did even half of what countries like Germany are doing to conserve and increase the efficiency of our energy infrastructure we wouldn’t even have to consider these nightmarish options.

Our European counterpart created almost two million new jobs in alternative energy the last seven years while we were busy poisoning ourselves. Destroying a pristine and healthy environment like the Berkshires to build some unnecessary oversized, pressurized pipelines to transport methane gas laced with lethal (and possibly radioactive) chemicals for home heating or to power our ridiculous excesses in electrical usage is just plain mental illness. We need a time-out, and the weapons of mass destruction need to be taken out of our hands until we have the maturity to grasp what we are actually doing.

Fracked gas is not the solution. It’s going to be a final solution, if you know what I mean.


West Stockbridge


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