Letter: Frieri is champion for local veterans


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am a disabled veteran who has known Rosanne Frieri for over 31Ž2 years now. She has helped me in many ways in receiving supplement pay, or Chapter 115. In all the time I have known her she has been a champion, a hero in helping veterans, or showing them what they need to do and have to help them in their situations.

Rosanne and I have been to many events, whether it was to place flags for our fallen veterans, or helping to improve the life and quality of our heroes. Her suspension I believe to be possibly political, or even personal. She has handled matters for veterans for years. I am proud to know her, and know that she has support from our veterans, and our community.

I am also some one who attended her pilot program and saw results from equine therapy with horses and know that this is an inspired act of fulfilling her duty, and helping those with trauma, and emotional issues. This can be stress retained in the minds of combat veterans or mental health issues and to all other veterans the struggles meeting today’s challenges.

I am a disabled American veteran who is attending my last semester at BCC and one who has attained so far an academic excellence achievement award in business careers, and will have an Associates Degree. This has been something I could only have done, with the help of Rosanne Frieri. I am a success story due to her help as a veteran, and as a friend.





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